PPP Canada's Annual Report

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Annual Report Book Cover
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PPP Report Mockup
Example of Page Layout 1
PPP Report Mockup
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PPP Table Sample
Table Sample
PPP Inside Cover
Inside Cover Design
PPP Pull Quote Close up
Close up on Pull Quotes Styling
PPP Image & Caption Implementation
Image & Caption Implementation
PPP Graphs & Page Numbers Design
Graphs & Page Numbers Design
Print Layout Design
PPP Canada was looking to make their annual report a little less corporate than the usual government documents and instead do something more modern and fresh. I went in the direction of incorporating shapes and textures into the layouts. Adding subtle things like triangles at the end of certain backgrounds, using them as the colour codes for the legends and as a marker for the pull quotes. For pages that containing less information (i.e. chapter breaks, and small excerpts), I made the triangles the centerpiece of the page to add a more compelling look that really draws you in.