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Landscape Photoraphy
Landscape Photography - Purden Lake, BC
Landscape Photoraphy
Mount Robson, Alberta
Landscape Photoraphy
Mount Robson - Landscape Photography
Landscape Photoraphy
Landscape Photography - Mount Robson, Alberta
Portrait Photoraphy
Portrait Photography - Plumber at Work
Product Photography
Product Photography - Crown Royal
Animal Photography
Red Eared Slider
Wildlife Photoraphy
Baby Grizzly Bear
Wildlife Photography
Snowy Owl
Photography is a favourite hobby of mine. Though is not always directly needed in a Graphic Designer, I do however, find it is helpful in this industry to have knowledge of the key fundamentals that it takes to create a good photograph. By understanding composition and the techniques it takes to make a well-composed photograph I can then carry those skills over into my design to incorporate better image choices into my layouts and designs.

Above are a few of my favourite images that I’ve captured over the years.