L3 Prime - Wisdom Workforce Optimization

Stationery Mockup
Stationery, Flyer & Invoice Mockup
Enlarged Table Of C Mockup
L3 Prime's Docummentation Cover
Enlarged Table Of C Mockup
L3 Primes Docummentation Contents
Responsive Layouts
Responsize Layout Design For L3 Prime's Software That Adjusts to all Screen Sizes.
Wisdom Meeting Schedular Page Wisdom Meeting Schedular Page
Wisdom Meeting Schedular Page Wisdom Meeting Schedular Page
Before & After Page Layout Comparisons.
Shown above, the after pages display design that is consistent, clean, and responsive. Where as, the original before layouts were static and didn’t follow any consistent design guidelines.
Branding Revamp
L3 Prime is a small software start-up that works with larger companies to optimize their workforce management. Though L3 Prime is small, it was important to create a branding standard for them that was consistent, recognizable and polished in order to appear professional and as large as other competing companies. This was accomplished with the creation of an alluring shape to use as decoration and the utilization of simple, clean layouts. The power of white space is an important factor in giving the company a corporate and developed appearance.

Furthermore, I was brought onto the L3 Prime team to give their software a new look. The software is extensive and considerably complicated, so the biggest obstacle was not only to develop layouts that are visually appealing, but also strive to make every aspect of it user-friendly. To accomplish this I used a more limited colour pallet and created a responsive layout, which, focused on keeping the pages clear and concise.